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The Real Estate component allows me to manage my properties very easily and for the first time in a very professional manner.

The support has been excellent, they responded immediately and I can fully recommend this product.

Can I run a multilingual website with CMS Real Estate?

The CMS Real Estate site allows you to run the site in as many languages as you wish. Adding new properties and editing the languages is simple.

How can I get your component?

1. We can build a new Real Estate website which includes our component and deliver to you a finished, ready to sell property site and provide the schooling so that you can manage it. Your site will be optimised for the search engines and the only thing you have to do is add or import your properties. Contact us to learn more about your new Real Estate Agency website.

2. If you already have a website and only need our component, you can acquire one of our subscriptions packs. For subscription packs we only support the component, we do the installation, configuration and can add features (at extra cost).

Is the property component available separate?

We provide a component version that can be installed on any website that uses Joomla! in version 3.x, what are you waiting for? Try it, we have a free version with some limitations, and we have several subscription packages that can be acquired here.

What support do you offer on complete CMS Real Estate websites?

We guarantee all additional programming work that falls outside of the standard Joomla! framework (extra cost). Please check our subscription packs here. Each subscription pack has a different support time, the SILVER Subscription gives you 3 months of full support, the GOLD Subscription gives you 6 months of full support and the PLATINUM Subscription gives you 12 months of full support.

What is the completion time on a CMS Real Estate website?

With our current workload we can guarantee completion within 8 weeks.

What do you mean with initial SEO?

Once your site is completed and all content is in place - we undertake to optimize the site for the search engines and we also submit the site to the most popular search engines and directories.

Do you follow the norms of W3C?

The site will be constructed according to the norms of the W3C and will function on all the popular browsers and computing platforms. The site will be constructed with Search Engine Friendly urls and navigation.

What sort of schooling do you provide?

We offer complete schooling (online via remote software) where we demonstrate how you can manage your site and the various modules and components that constitute the structure of the site. Normally, training does not require more than 2 hours.

What version of Joomla! does the Real Estate component run on?

The new CMS Real Estate runs on Joomla! version 3.x.